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As presenters upload their material, it appears on this page. All presentations are in the format chosen by the presenters and will be converted to PDF for inclusion in the session archive during the meeting.

Presenter Name Session Presentation Title Type Date Added
Elisa Peirano NRO/RIR Reports LACNIC Report application/ 2014-05-16
Rob Blokzijl Closing Plenary Closing Plenary application/pdfvideo 2014-05-16
Razvan C. Oprea Closing Plenary RIPE 68 Technical Report application/zipapplication/pdfvideo 2014-05-16
Remco van Mook Closing Plenary Connect BoF presentation to plenary application/ 2014-05-16
Randy Bush Closing Plenary CrypTech and RPKI/Flow IX application/pdfvideo 2014-05-16
RIPE PC NRO/RIR Reports RIPE PC application/zipvideo 2014-05-16
Adiel Akplogan NRO/RIR Reports NRO EC Update application/ 2014-05-16
Emile Aben Closing Plenary OpenIPMap application/pdfvideo 2014-05-16
Paul Wilson NRO/RIR Reports APNIC Status Report application/ 2014-05-15
Chris Buckridge RACI BoF RACI BoF Agenda application/keynoteapplication/pdf 2014-05-15
Elise Gerich NRO/RIR Reports News from the IANA Department application/ 2014-05-15
Randy Bush Cooperation CrypTech - Building a More Assured Hardware Security Module with a More Assured Tool-Chain application/pdfvideo 2014-05-15
Adiel Akplogan NRO/RIR Reports AFRINIC Update application/ 2014-05-15
MAT WG Chairs MAT Agenda application/pdfvideo 2014-05-15
Bengt Gördén Anti-Abuse Impact and experience of abuse-c for daily work application/pdfvideo 2014-05-15
Vaibhav Bajpai MAT Lessons Learned From Using the RIPE Atlas Platform for Measurement Research application/pdfvideo 2014-05-15
Baptiste Jonglez RACI BoF FDN Federation and Do-It-Yourself ISPs application/pdf 2014-05-15
Vesna Manojlovic MAT RIPE Atlas Update application/pdfvideo 2014-05-15
Vesna Manojlovic MAT RIPEstat Update application/pdfvideo 2014-05-15
Christian Kaufmann MAT An analysis of the Internet interconnection density in IPv6 compared to IPv4 application/ 2014-05-15
Rafal Stankiewicz RACI BoF Dynamic Traffic Management (DTM) for minimization of inter-domain traffic cost application/ 2014-05-15
Chris Buckridge Cooperation Update on Internet Governance in 2014 application/keynoteapplication/pdfvideo 2014-05-15
Jerome Cudelou Anti-Abuse Messaging, Malware and Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group application/pdfvideo 2014-05-15
Lukasz Bromirski Routing BGP Blackholing project application/pdfvideo 2014-05-15
Benno Overeinder Routing RDL: A Programmatic Approach to Generating Router Configurations application/pdfvideo 2014-05-15
Andrei Robachevsky Routing Routing Resilience Manifesto application/pdfvideo 2014-05-15
Zakir Durumeric MAT Internet-Wide Scanning and its Measurement Applications application/ 2014-05-15
João Damas Routing Agenda Routing WG application/zipapplication/pdfvideo 2014-05-15
Peter Koch Cooperation Walled Internets application/pdfvideo 2014-05-15
Chris Buckridge Cooperation Background on IANA/NTIA Transition application/keynoteapplication/pdfvideo 2014-05-15
Marco Hogewoning Anti-Abuse RIPE NCC Government/LEA interactions update application/zipapplication/pdfvideo 2014-05-15
Eric Wustrow Cooperation Anticensorship in the Network Infrastructure application/ 2014-05-15
Bijal Connect BoF Euro-IX Update application/ 2014-05-15
Will Hargrave Connect BoF Singlefibre optics at LONAP application/ 2014-05-15
Fearghas McKay Connect BoF Open-IX Update May 2014 application/ 2014-05-15
Nina Bargisen Connect BoF Connect-BOF Agenda and Charters application/pdfvideo 2014-05-15
Gordon Lennox Connect BoF BEREC application/pdfvideo 2014-05-15
Olaf Kolkman Cooperation Content blocking methods and their impacts application/zipapplication/pdfvideo 2014-05-15
Walid Al-Saqaf Cooperation Crowdsourcing & split-tunneling to map and circumvent URL filtering application/ 2014-05-14
János Zsakó IPv6 Measurements of IPv6 penetration in Hungary application/pdfvideo 2014-05-14
Michele McCann Connect BoF Building a case for Interconnection and Peering in Africa application/ 2014-05-14
Kurtis Lindqvist RIPE NCC Services Review and Current Implementation Status of policies application/keynoteapplication/pdfvideo 2014-05-14
Paul Rendek RIPE NCC Services External Relations Update application/keynoteapplication/pdfvideo 2014-05-14
Samson Yoseph Esayas RACI BoF Historical Institutionalism and the Quest of Developing Countries for an ITU-based IP Address Allocation Regime application/ 2014-05-14
Piotr Strzyzewski RIPE NCC Services Do We Need More Auditing On RIPE NCC Projects? RIPE Atlas Example application/ 2014-05-14
Andrea Cima RIPE NCC Services 2007-01 Update application/keynoteapplication/pdfvideo 2014-05-14
Ingrid Wijte RIPE NCC Services IPv4 Hijacking: Our Experiences application/pdfvideo 2014-05-14
Athina Fragkouli RIPE NCC Services Due Diligence for the Quality of Registration Data application/pdfvideo 2014-05-14
Shane Kerr IPv6 IPv6 WG Steering Slides application/pdfvideo 2014-05-14
Axel Pawlik RIPE NCC Services Update from the RIPE NCC application/keynoteapplication/pdfvideo 2014-05-14
Lars-Johan Liman DNS DNS statistics contact info application/pdf 2014-05-14
Job Snijders Address Policy 2014-03 - Remove Multihoming Requirement for AS Number Assignment application/pdfvideo 2014-05-14
Peter Koch DNS F. Report from Ad-hoc ccTLD Group application/pdfvideo 2014-05-14
michael daly DNS Nominet - Infrastructure Transformation application/zipapplication/pdfvideo 2014-05-14
Nina Bargisen Connect BoF Connect-BOF Agenda and Charters application/pdfvideo 2014-05-14
Edoardo Martelli IPv6 IPv6 deployment at CERN application/pdfvideo 2014-05-14
Sandra Brown Address Policy 2012-02 Inter-RIR Transfer Policy application/ 2014-05-14
Jan Zorz IPv6 IPv6 troubleshooting for helpdesks application/ 2014-05-14
Anand Buddhdev DNS RIPE NCC DNS Update application/pdfvideo 2014-05-14
Denis Walker and Edward Shryane Database RIPE NCC Database Update application/keynoteapplication/pdfvideo 2014-05-14
Kurtis Lindqvist RIPE NCC Services NCC-Services Agenda application/zipapplication/pdfvideo 2014-05-14
Sander Steffann IPv6 RIPE_554bis application/zipapplication/pdfvideo 2014-05-14
Erik Bais Address Policy 2014-02 - Allow IPv4 PI Transfer application/ 2014-05-14
Curon Davies DNS Using DNS to Trace the Source of a DDoS Attack application/pdfvideo 2014-05-14
Athina Fragkouli Address Policy Due Diligence considerations application/zipapplication/pdfvideo 2014-05-14
Willem Toorop Open Source getdns API implementation application/pdfvideo 2014-05-14
Andrea Cima Address Policy Registration Services Feedback application/keynoteapplication/pdfvideo 2014-05-14
Nat Morris Open Source ONIE Project Update application/pdfvideo 2014-05-14
Nigel Titley Database Action Points application/vnd.oasis.opendocument.documentapplication/pdfvideo 2014-05-14
Ondřej Surý Open Source Knot DNS Update application/pdfvideo 2014-05-13
Niall O'Reilly IPv6 Deploying IPv6 at UCD application/zipapplication/pdfvideo 2014-05-13
Ed Shryane Database WEIRDS @ RIPE Database application/zipapplication/pdfvideo 2014-05-13
Marco Schmidt Address Policy Current Policy Topics application/keynoteapplication/pdfvideo 2014-05-13
Martin Winter Open Source Open Source WG Agenda application/ 2014-05-13
Nick Hilliard Address Policy Identity Verification for Direct Assignments application/keynoteapplication/pdfvideo 2014-05-13
Jan Žorž - Marco Schmidt Address Policy Update about the “SHOULDs Analysing Project” in RIPE Policy Documents application/ 2014-05-13
Carsten Strotmann Open Source DANEs don't lie - DANE/SMTP application/pdfvideo 2014-05-13
Ignas Bagdonas BoF Network Scalability application/pdf 2014-05-13
Nick Hilliard RIPE NCC Services Publication of Sponsoring LIR for Legacy Holders application/keynoteapplication/pdfvideo 2014-05-13
Tomek Mrugalski Open Source Kea - Modern DHCP Engine application/ 2014-05-13
Ragnar Anfinsen IPv6 Balancing End-user Security and End-to-end Connectivity application/ 2014-05-13
Robert Kisteleki DNS DNSMON Developments application/pdfvideo 2014-05-13
Alex Band Routing RPKI for Provider Independent resources application/keynoteapplication/pdfvideo 2014-05-13
Alex Band IPv6 The IPv6 Analyser application/keynoteapplication/pdfvideo 2014-05-13
Aaron Hughes NRO/RIR Reports ARIN Board / 6connect CEO application/ 2014-05-13
Filiz Yilmaz Plenary Panel on Internet Governance Landscape 2014 application/ 2014-05-13
Martin Pels Address Policy 2014-04: Relaxing IPv6 Requirement for Receiving Space from the Final /8 application/pdfvideo 2014-05-13
Brian Nisbet Anti-Abuse RIPE68 AA-WG Agenda application/ 2014-05-13
Gert Döring Address Policy APWG steering slides application/pdf 2014-05-13
Jari Arkko Plenary Strengthening the Internet Against Pervasive Monitoring application/pdfvideo 2014-05-13
Nicolas Canceill DNS Measuring the deployment of DNSSEC over the Internet application/pdfvideo 2014-05-13
Seiichi Kawamura BCOP Taskforce Operational Practice Documents at JANOG application/pdf 2014-05-13
Dave Wilson Plenary What went wrong with IPv6? application/zipapplication/pdfvideo 2014-05-13
Andra Lutu Plenary Understanding the Reachability of IPv6 Limited Visibility Prefixes application/pdfvideo 2014-05-13
Denis Walker Routing RIPE Database Routing Update application/keynoteapplication/pdfvideo 2014-05-13
Denis Walker Database Personalised Authorisation for the RIPE Database application/keynoteapplication/pdfvideo 2014-05-13
Christian Teuschel Tutorials Using RIPEstat application/pdf 2014-05-12
Helge Holz IPv6 Painting by Numbers application/ 2014-05-12
Sander Steffann BCOP Taskforce IPv6 Helpdesk Document application/zipapplication/pdf 2014-05-12
Benno Overeinder and Jan Zorz BCOP Taskforce BCOP TF Administrative Matters application/ 2014-05-12
Matthijs Mekking BCOP Taskforce DNSSEC operational practices for authoritative name servers application/pdf 2014-05-12
Samaneh Tajalizadehkhoob Plenary Why them?Extracting Intelligence about Target Selection from Banking Trojans application/ 2014-05-12
François Contat BCOP Taskforce BGP BCP application/pdf 2014-05-12
Shane Kerr Open Source The Decline and Fall of BIND 10 application/pdfvideo 2014-05-12
Chris Grundemann BCOP Taskforce NANOG-BCOP Update application/pdf 2014-05-12
Andrei Robachevsky BCOP Taskforce Routing Resilience Manifesto (update) application/pdf 2014-05-12
Rumy Spratley-Kanis Plenary Training at RIPE Meetings application/zipapplication/pdfvideo 2014-05-12
Rob Blokzijl Plenary Trusted Contacts application/pdfvideo 2014-05-12
Ondrej Filip Plenary Project Turris application/pdfvideo 2014-05-12
Axel Pawlik Newcomers' Introduction Introduction to the RIPE NCC application/keynoteapplication/pdf 2014-05-12
Rob Blokzijl Newcomers' Introduction Introduction to RIPE application/keynoteapplication/pdf 2014-05-12
Christian Rossow Plenary Amplification DDoS Attacks – Defenses for Vulnerable Protocols application/ 2014-05-12
Chris Grundemann Plenary Security in an IPv6 World: Myth & Reality application/pdfvideo 2014-05-12
Chris Grundemann Plenary Operators and the IETF application/pdfvideo 2014-05-12
Filiz Yilmaz Plenary RIPE PC Update application/ 2014-05-11
Job Snijders Plenary Selective Blackholing: Cheap & Effective DDoS Damage Control application/pdfvideo 2014-05-11
Russ White Plenary Tradeoffs in Network Complexity application/ 2014-05-10
Greg Hankins Plenary Ethernet VPN (EVPN) - Overlay Networks for Ethernet Services application/pdfvideo 2014-05-09
L. Aaron Kaplan Plenary Bettercrypto application/pdfvideo 2014-05-09
Geoff Huston DNS Measuring the DNS from the Users Perspective application/pdfvideo 2014-05-09
Christian Teuschel/Denis Walker Anti-Abuse Next steps for abuse-c application/pdfvideo 2014-05-09
Stéphane Bortzmeyer DNS Google DNS Hijacking in Turkey application/pdfvideo 2014-05-08
Stefan Wallin Tutorials NETCONF and YANG application/ 2014-05-08
Geoff Huston Plenary BGP in 20-13 application/pdfvideo 2014-05-08
Brian Trammell Tutorials Applying IPFIX to Network Measurement and Management application/pdf 2014-05-08
Ingrid Wijte NRO/RIR Reports INTERNET NUMBER RESOURCE STATUS REPORT application/pdfvideo 2014-05-08

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