RIPE NCC staff members are here to help you at RIPE 68. Feel free to approach them at any time throughout the meeting week.

Alex Band
Product Manager
Amanda Gowland
Communications Writer
Anand Buddhdev
Senior Engineer
Andrea Cima
Registration Services Manager
alex_band112x165 Amanda112x165 anand112x165 Andrea_Cima_112x165
Resource Certification (RPKI), IP Analyser RIPE Meeting Coordination Team DNS, rDNS, K-root representative Internet number resources, IPv4 transfers, legacy resources
Andrew de la Haye
Chief Operations Officer
Andrzej Wolski Antony Gollan
Communications Writer
Athina Fragkouli
Legal Counsel
Andrew_de_la_Haye_112x165 Andrzej-Wolski antony_112x165 athina112x165
RIPE NCC Training and e-learning IPv4 transfers, RIPE Meeting Coordination Team RIPE NCC legal matters
Axel Pawlik
Managing Director
Chris Buckridge
Senior External Relations Officer
Christian Teuschel
Senior Software Engineer
Daniel Karrenberg
Chief Scientist
Axel_Pawlik_112x165 chris_buckridge_small christian112x165 daniel112x165
Cooperation Working Group RIPEstat Internet measurements, data collection and analysis
Daniƫlla Coutinho
Management Assistant
Denis Walker
Business Analyst
Edward Shyrane
Software Engineer
Emile Aben
System Architect
daniella_coutinho denis_walker Ed_Shrayne112x165px Emile-Aben112x165
RIPE NCC General Meeting RIPE Database representative RIPE Database representative Data analysis, IPv6
Fatemah Mafi
Communications Writer
Fergal Cunningham
Membership Communications Officer
Gergana Petrova
Conference Coordinator
Ingrid Wijte
Registration Services Assistant Manager
Fatemah_Mafi112x165 fergal112x165 Gergana_Petrova112x165 Ingrid_Wijte112x165
RIPE Meeting Coordination Team RIPE NCC General Meeting, RIPE NCC Membership support RIPE Meetings, ENOG, Regional Meetings Internet number resources, IPv4 transfers, legacy resources
Jochem de Ruig
Chief Financial Officer
Johan ter Beest
Software Engineer
Johan Ahlen
Assistant Manager Database
Kaveh Ranjbar
Chief Information Officer
Jochem_de_Ruig112x165 Johan-ter-Beest112x165 Johan_Ahlen112x165 Kaveh_Ranjbar_112x165
RIPE NCC financial matters, Activity Plan and Budget RIPE Atlas RIPE Database representative Internet measurements, data collection and analysis
Laura Cobley
Customer Services Manager
Marco Hogewoning
External Relations Officer and Technical Advisor
Marco Schmidt
Policy Development Officer
Marisol Estrada
IP Resource Analyst
laura_cobley112x165 Marco_Hogewoning112x165 Marco_Schmidt112x165 Marisol_Estrada
Membership matters IPv6 Policy Development Process, Internet number resources, IPv4 transfers, legacy resources Internet number resources, IPv4 transfers, legacy resources
Massimo Candela
Software Engineer
Matt Parker
IP Resource Analyst
Maxim Burtikov
External Relations Officer (Eastern Europe and Central Asia)
Michela Galante
Project Coordinator
Massimo_Candela112x165 Matt_Parker112x165 Maxim_Burtikov112x165 Michela_Galante112x165
RIPE Atlas, RIPEstat Internet number resources, IPv4 transfers, legacy resources ENOG region RIPE Atlas, RIPEstat
Mihnea-Costin Grigore
Web Services Team Leader
Mirjam Kuehne
RIPE Labs Community Builder
Nick Hykra
Communications Manager
Paul Rendek
Director of External Relations
mihnea_grigore112x165 mirjam_kuehne112x165 Nick_Hyrka112x165 Paul_Rendek_112x165
Web Services, RIPE 68 Website RIPE Labs RIPE Meeting and RIPE NCC General Meeting Coordination Team External relations, RIPE NCC Dubai Office
Robert Kisteleki
Research and Development Manager
Romeo Zwart
Global Information Infrastructure Manager
Rumy Kanis
Training Services Manager
Sam Mader
Assistant to Managing Director
robert_kisteleki112x165 Romeo-Zwart112x165 rumy_kanis112x165 sabine_mader
RIPE Atlas, RIPEstat DNSMON, rDNS RIPE NCC Training and e-learning
Sandra Gijzen
Event Coordinator – External Relations
Serge Radovcic
Chief Communications Officer
Smahena Amakran
Customer Services Representative
Suzanne Taylor Muzzin
Communications Writer
sandra_gijzen112x165 Serge_Radovcic_112x165 smahena_amakran Suzanne_Taylor112x165
MENOG Regional Meetings, RIPE NCC Dubai Office RIPE Meeting and RIPE NCC General Meeting Coordination Team Membership matters Measurements and statistics, RIPE Meeting Coordination Team
Vesna Manojlovic
Senior Community Builder
RIPE Atlas, RIPE Atlas Anchors, RIPEstat, DNSMON, IPv6 RIPEness



RIPE 68 Technical Team

Brian Riddle
Information Technology Manager
Colin Petrie
Senior Systems Engineer
David West
Junior Systems Engineer
Frank Muller
Junior Systems Engineer
Brian_Riddle112x165 Colin_Petrie112x165 David-West112x165 Frank-Muller112x165
Marco van Tol
Systems Engineer
Menno Schepers
Senior Systems Engineer
Razvan Oprea
Senior Systems Engineer
Marco_van_Tol112x165 Menno_Schepers112x165 Razvan_Oprea112x165
RIPE 68 Technical Team Leader