Plenary Draft Agenda

Monday, 12 May 14:00 – 15:30

Opening Plenary

Welcome to RIPE 68
Rob Blokzijl, RIPE Chair
Jakub Kozioł, PLNOG

RIPE Programme Committee (PC)
Filiz Yilmaz, PC Chair

Ethernet VPN (EVPN) – Overlay Networks for Ethernet Services
Greg Hankins, Alcatel-Lucent

Project Turris
Ondrej Filip, CZ.NIC

Monday, 12 May 16:00 – 17:30


Tradeoffs in Network Complexity
Russ White, Ericsson

BGP in 2013
Geoff Huston, APNIC

Lightning Talks

  • Operators and the IETF
    Chris Grundemann, Internet Society
  • Training Courses at RIPE Meetings
    Rumy Spratley-Kanis
  • Why Them? Extracting Intelligence About Target Selection from Banking Trojans
    Samaneh Tajalizadehkhoob

Tuesday, 13 May 09:00 – 10:30


Better Crypto
Leon Aaron Kaplan,

Selective Blackholing: Cheap & Effective DDoS Damage Control
Job Snijders

Amplification DDoS Attacks – Defenses for Vulnerable Protocols
Christian Rossow, VU University Amsterdam

Tuesday, 13 May 11:00 – 12:30


Security in an IPv6 World: Myth & Reality
Chris Grundemann, Internet Society

What Went Wrong With IPv6?
Dave Wilson, HEAnet

Understanding the Reachability of IPv6 Limited Visibility Prefixes
Andra Lutu, IMDEA Networks Institute

Tuesday, 13 May 14:00 – 15:30


Strengthening the Internet Against Pervasive Monitoring
Jari Arkko, IETF

Panel on Internet Governance Landscape 2014
Filiz Yilmaz, IGF MAG Member
Maria Hall, Cooperation WG Chair
Nurani Nimpuno, InternetColloboration Forum Participant
Désirée Miloshevic, 1Net Steering Committee Member
Patrik Fältström, ICANN SSAC Chair and Cross Community WG on IG Member
Olaf Kolkman, ICANN Multistakeholder Panel Participant
Paul Rendek, RIPE NCC Head of External Relations
Jari Arkko, IETF Chair

Tuesday, 13 May 16:00 – 17:30


Celebrating 25 Years of RIPE

  • Introduction (Rob Blokzijl)
  • Past, Present and Future (Vint Cerf by video)
  • Celebrating 25 Years of RIPE (Rob Blokzijl)
  • How the Internet Changed (Geoff Huston)
  • Closing Word (Rob Blokzijl)

Friday, 16 May 09:00 – 10:30


NRO/RIR Reports

  • AFRINIC Update
    Adiel A. Akplogan, AFRINIC Chief Executive Officer
  • APNIC Update
    Paul Wilson, APNIC Director General
  • ARIN Update
    Aaron Hughes, ARIN Board of Trustees
  • LACNIC Update
    Elisa Peirano, LACNIC
  • NRO EC Update
    Adiel A. Akplogan, AFRINIC Chief Executive Officer
  • NRO Statistics
    Ingrid Wijte, RIPE NCC Registration Services Assistant Manager
  • IANA Update
    Elise Gerich, VP, IANA and Technical Operations

RIPE PC Elections

Friday, 16 May 11:00 – 12:30


OpenIPMap – Crowdsourcing IP Geolocation
Emile Aben, RIPE NCC

RIPE 68 Technical Report

Lightning Talk

  • Making the Internet a Little Better – Cryptographically
    Randy Bush, Internet Initiative Japan

Closing Plenary