Routing Working Group Draft Agenda

Thursday, 15 May 14:00 – 15:30

A. Administrivia

  • Minutes of RIPE 67
  • Thank stenographer, scribe & chat monitor
  • Microphone etiquette

Chairs (5 mins)

B. RDL: A Programmatic Approach to Generating Router Configurations
Benno Overeinder (20 mins)

C. Creating an Automated Prefix Filtering How-To
Job Snijders (10 mins)

D. Routing Resilience Manifesto
Andrei Robachevsky (10 mins)

E. BGP Blackholing Project – Join & Fight!
Łukasz Bromirski (20 mins)

F. Setting up RPKI for PI End User Space
Alex Band (10 mins)

G. RIPE Database Routing Update
Denis Walker (15 mins)

H. Charter Discussion
Chairs (as time permits)