Daily Meeting Report - Friday, 16 May

The final day of RIPE 68 saw updates from the Regional Internet Registries, the Number Resource Organization, and the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA). There was a very special closing plenary where Rob Blokzijl stepped down as RIPE Chair and Hans Petter Holen took the reins.

Elections were held for the RIPE Programme Committee (PC). Google’s Meredith Whittaker and Jan Zorz, Internet Society (ISOC), were elected to the PC and the ISOC’s Andrei Robachesky stepped down as the RIPE PC ENOG representative. He announced that NetArt Group’s Sergei Myasoedov would take over this role as the ENOG representative.1169_RIPE68_d5

Emile Aben, RIPE NCC, presented on OpenIP, an idea about how to crowdsource geolocation of IP addresses. He said that no comprehensive service like this currently exists and asked for contributions from the community.

The RIPE NCC’s Razvan Oprea delivered the RIPE 68 Technical Report, commenting on the network at the RIPE Meeting. He stated that there was an increase in outgoing IPv6 traffic, which came from Jim Reid, RTFM LLP, uploading presentations over IPv6. Razvan requested that feedback about the network is sent to opsmtg [at] ripe [dot] net. IPv6 Working Group Chair Marco Hogewoning thanked Cisco’s Andrew Yourtchenko, and the Technical Team for their help in running the independent, IPv6-only, experimental network.

Randy Bush, Internet Initiative Japan, gave a lightning talk on his work to build a more assured hardware security model (HSM) with a more assured tool-chain. The project was open and transparent, and Randy invited the community to review and support the source code. He asked those interested to visit https://cryptech.is/ to find out more. Randy gave a second talk on using RPKI for OpenFlow switches, which is being worked on by network operators in New Zealand.

1269_RIPE68_d5Rob Blokzijl highlighted that a successful RIPE Meeting is only possible with the support of a local host and thanked the meeting’s sponsors. Rob reported that RIPE 68 was the largest RIPE Meeting to date, with 569 attendees checked in, 160 of which were newcomers. He noted that the largest group of participants were from the United States, “a well-known part of Europe”.

As his final act as RIPE Chair, Rob Blokzijl handed over a black box representing “the Internet” to Hans Petter Holen, the incoming RIPE Chair. Hans Petter stated where he sees the RIPE community heading in the future. The 68th RIPE Meeting ended with members of the RIPE community expressing their appreciation to Rob for his 25 years of guidance, via video tributes and a standing ovation from the room.1364_RIPE68_d5

RIPE 69 will be held from 3 – 7 November 2014 at the Novotel London West Hotel in London, United Kingdom