Anti-Abuse Working Group Draft Agenda

Thursday, 15 May 16:00-17:30

A. Administrative Matters

  • Welcome
  • Scribe, jabber, stenography
  • Microphone etiquette
  • Approve minutes from RIPE 67
  • Finalise agenda

B. Update

  • B1. Recent list discussion
  • B2. AA-WG Charter

C. Policies

D. Interactions

  • D1. Working Groups
  • D2. Proof of identity discussions – RIPE Policy Proposal 2007-01
  • D3. RIPE NCC Government/LEA interactions update

E. Presentation

  • E1. Anti-abuse, the view from the messaging world
  • E2. Impact of abuse-c
    Bengt Gördén
  • E3. Abuse-c: next steps
    Denis Walker, Christian Teuschel
  • E4. Introduction to contact databases for abuse handling
    Aaron Kaplan

X. A.O.B.

Z. Agenda for RIPE 69