RIPE Programme Committee

The RIPE Programme Committee is responsible for ensuring that the RIPE Meeting programme consists of interesting, relevant and inspiring content. We recruit, select and schedule the plenary of the RIPE Meeting.

Contact the RIPE Programme Committee: pc [at] ripe [dot] net.


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The RIPE PC is looking for new members. Consider joining at RIPE 68 in Warsaw.

RIPE Programme Committee


Osama I. Al-Dosary
MENOG Representative

Osama is a Consulting Systems Engineer working for Cisco’s Emerging Technology Group, supporting Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe for Physical Security. He has a Master’s degree in Computer Networks from the University of Southern California.

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Łukasz Bromirski

Łukasz begun his networking career in 1997 working with various telecommunication areas. In 2006 moved to Cisco, and while reaching for his double CCIE (Routing&Switching and Service Providers) and CCDE, was responsible for Partners and projects spanning various technologies and types of customers.

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Will Hargrave

Will Hargrave

Will is a director at LONAP, the U.K.’s second largest internet exchange. Will also works as a U.K.-based network consultant, providing technical and commercial advice to network operators.

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Mike Hughes

Mike is a freelance consultant with over 15 years of industry experience, specialising in areas of multi-stakeholder relations, peering and interconnect, and technical evangelism.

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Shane Kerr
PC Vice Chair

Shane Kerr is the Director of DNS Software at the Internet Systems Consortium (ISC), which is best known for making the BIND DNS server. Shane started his involvement with Internet organizations when he worked at ARIN as a software engineer. While there he helped implement ARIN’s first IPv6 registry.

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Brian Nisbet
RIPE Working Group Chair Representative

Brian Nisbet is the RIPE Working Group Chairs representative on the RIPE Programme Committee. He has been active in the RIPE Community since RIPE 48 and he currently co-chairs the Anti-Abuse Working Group.

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Benno Overeinder
PC Vice Chair

Benno Overeinder is a Senior Research Engineer at NLnet Labs. NLnet Labs is a non-profit research lab whose mission is to build a bridge between academic results and practical deployment of new technology in our networks. As a research engineer, Benno is particularly interested how results from research have practical and operational implications on how we run our networks.

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Andrei Robachevsky
ENOG Representative

Andrei Robachevsky joined the Internet Society’s Standards & Technology Department in March 2011.
Prior to joining ISOC, Andrei was Chief Technical Officer of the RIPE NCC, leading the development of company’s IT strategy, external and internal IT services, and work of the engineering departments.

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Job Snijders

Job is actively involved in the Internet community both in an operational capacity and as a founder of cooperation efforts such as the NLNOG RING.

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Filiz Yilmaz
PC Chair

Filiz Yilmaz is currently an independent Internet Governance and Policy Consultant.
She previously held the position of Senior Director, Participation and Engagement at ICANN, where she developed engagement, participation and outreach programs and strategies to bring new participants into the ICANN Community and increase the participation and engagement level of all stakeholders within the multi-stakeholder environment of ICANN.

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Jan Žorž

Jan Žorž started his professional career in the RS-232/VAX VMS world in 1992 and continued through Novell and Windows environments all the way to Solaris and other UNIX derivatives that represent the native environment for the majority of his projects.

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