RIPE 25 Years

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In 1989, the very first RIPE Meeting was held in Amsterdam, marking the beginning of the Internet in our region as we know it today. Fourteen people attended RIPE 1 on 22 May 1989 with the aim of coordinating IP networks in Europe. Since then, the RIPE community has grown to encompass a vast number of people from all over the world who share an interest in the development of the Internet.

To commemorate a quarter of a century of RIPE, there is a project to document the achievements and landmarks of RIPE, recognise those people who have helped with its development and build a gallery of RIPE-related images from the past 25 years.

We’ll use the information you send to develop our 25 Years timeline.

All members of the RIPE community are invited to contribute to this project, which will culminate in a special week of celebrations at the RIPE 68 Meeting in Warsaw from 12-16 May 2014.

If you have pictures to share or have ideas on what events from the past 25 years should be documented, please let us know via the web form below.