14:00 < romeo_ncc> Welcome to the Routing WG session.
14:00 < romeo_ncc> I 'm Romeo from the RIPE NCC. I will be monitoring chat during this session.
14:00 < romeo_ncc> If you have a question or comment, I can read it out for you. Please make your questions as clear as possible.
14:00 < romeo_ncc> I will read out any questions when the speaker asks for questions at the end of his/her presentation.
14:00 < romeo_ncc> Please note that all chat transcripts will be archived and made available to the public on
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14:02 < romeo_ncc> Benno Overeinder presents "RDL: A Programmatic Approach to Generating Router Configurations"
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14:07 < ripe503> The video from off-site is really not working very well. Where can I report that?
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14:08 < romeo_ncc> @ripe503: I will inform the tech team, thanks for the note
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14:09 < ripe503> problem seen from AR and from AU as well.)
14:13 < Razvan_RIPENCC> ripe503, we'll look into it, though I'm not sure there is much we can do.
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14:13 < GPF> works fine here (Germany).
14:15 < ripe503> So maybe it's a problem with delays, because I have plenty of bandwidth.
14:15 < Razvan_RIPENCC> ripe503, the publishing point (streaming source) is in NL
14:16 < ripe503> I can't see any way to lower the quality of the stream being sent to me. Is there a way for that? That would mostly likely work well.
14:16 < Razvan_RIPENCC> ripe503, try the iPhone link
14:17 < Razvan_RIPENCC>
14:17 < Razvan_RIPENCC> or rtsp: rtsp://
14:18 < ripe503> okay that actually works good in VLC.. Thanks!! :-)
14:19 < Razvan_RIPENCC> super
14:19 < ripe503> the iphone I tried)
14:20 < romeo_ncc> Are there questoions for Benno?
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14:30 < romeo_ncc> Benno's presentation has ended
14:31 < romeo_ncc> Job Snijders has started the presentation titled "Creating an Automated Prefix Filtering How-To"
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14:37 < romeo_ncc> Any questions here for Job?
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14:40 < Matoa> reasking the question here since I was in the wrong room :)
14:40 < Matoa> Comment for Job: the main problem is getting people populating their route object on a IRDB
14:41 < Matoa> Mathieu @ Jaguar Network
14:41 < Matoa> and the problem is especially when you have customer outside RIPE region
14:41 < Matoa> (ie Afrinic)
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14:42 < Matoa> thx for relaying :)
14:43 < romeo_ncc> @matoa: you're welcome. :)
14:45 < romeo_ncc> Job's presentation has ended. Next up: Andrei Robachevsky, "Routing Resilience Manifesto"
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14:52 < romeo_ncc> Any questions for Andrei?
14:53 < romeo_ncc> Any input to Andrei's questions? :)
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15:09 < romeo_ncc> Andrei's presentation has ended.
15:09 < romeo_ncc> Next: Łukasz Bromirski presents "BGP Blackholing Project – Join & Fight!"
15:16 < romeo_ncc> Any questions for Lukasz?
15:17 < romeo_ncc> Łukasz ' presentation has ended.
15:17 < romeo_ncc> Alex Band starts the presentation titled "Setting up RPKI for PI End User Space"
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15:23 < romeo_ncc> Alex' presentation has ended.
15:23 < romeo_ncc> Denis Walker has started the RIPE Database Routing Update
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15:33 < romeo_ncc> Denis' presentation has ended
15:35 < romeo_ncc> Comments on the proposed charter text invited on the mailing list.
15:35 < romeo_ncc> The Routing wg meeting has ended.